Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doll Project, Part 1

Awhile back, my youngest sister Laura and I decided to combine crafty superpowers and make a gift for our 4 year old niece. We decided on the idea of a soft doll set, in the style of Russian nesting dolls (we were inspired by similar dolls on etsy and craftster). We picked a color palette and had a basic design but since Laura lives in New York and I live in California, we did everything by phone and internet (fabric shopping via camera phone, sketch ideas via email attachment). When we met up in July for our sister Kellie's birthday party, we were able to give the dolls to our niece in person, and see how our project came together - I'm so happy with the end result!
Here are some in-progress photos...I'll post the finished product soon!


Dykstra Family said...

I love seeing how these came together!

melissa @ alberta alberta said...

It was so much fun to make these, I think Laura and I will have to try the cross-country crafting again :)