Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No glass slippers, just glass pumpkins...

I haven't gotten an actual pumpkin yet this Fall, over the weekend I was really wishing I had one. I came up with these cute little guys instead.

Very shoddy tutorial follows...

1. Gather your fabric and clean jars in various sizes (mine once held beans, spices, and artichoke hearts). I simply wrapped the fabric around the jar and cut to size.

2. Make a little face...
3. Cut out little face (I started with an exacto knife and then trimmed with scissors).

4. Wrap fabric around jar and glue at seams (I used epoxy which is still holding up, hot glue or fabric glue would probably be fine too).

5. Add a votive, light, and enjoy the glow :)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Birthday Season (Part 2)

My godson, Val, had his 3rd birthday party this past Sunday. I was pressed for time and low on funds so I dug deep into my stash and came up with a crayon roll. I don't think he quite knew what to make of it but he did have fun pulling the crayons out and putting them back in their homes...and his mom liked it a lot so that works for me!

All wrapped up, I love that green ribbon.

The front with his name.

My first time with machine applique...don't look too closely!

The inside: I only had that one strip of the alphabet fabric, so glad to have found a home for it. 


It's Birthday Season (Part 1)

Beginning in July I start to feel overwhelmed with birthdays; both sisters and my brother have birthdays within a few weeks of each other, then my dad, 3 of my close girl friends, then James, and my godson. It doesn't let up until Christmas and then, well, then that's a whole new slew of gifts. 

I've been challenged to use only what I have on hand lately and I'm really happy with what I've been able to come up with...and also a little alarmed at the amount of crap I have stockpiled. 

My friend Jill received the below gifts recently, they seemed to be a big hit and I was quite pleased with myself ;)
Vintage-y compact, rub-on letters, rhinestones...
Background of lettering is a piece from an old watercolor.

How did I have a "J" for Jill button just laying around? It was serendipitous! All are vintage buttons except for the fuschia one. The cork was from a tile that would not stay on the wall.

4 teeny pillows filled with lavender from a long ago project. Finding 4 pieces of fabric in my stash that coordinated this well made me so happy. The leather cord is a belt from a skirt circa 1999...

The whole shebang; the basket once held garlic from Trader Joe's :)


Lots of crafting, not so much with the blogging...

I have been neglectful of this little blog here, but for good reason...I've been crafting up a storm! Most of my crafts end up as gifts in other houses but I was really needing something for my own space. I reworked an yard sale lampshade using the tutorial in Celine Dupuy's beautiful book, "Simple Sewing with a French Twist" (a gift from my sister Kellie). It was a vast improvement from the previous shade which was covered in some scary barky stuff. I pulled this off and just recovered it with some scrap fabric from my stash, hurray for no cost home improvements!
I also made a pillow for the living room using fabric from a vintage apron pattern.  The pattern instructions were printed directly on the fabric. I liked the idea of working the lettering into the actual design and I'm so happy with how it turned out, I only wish I had more of it! The pillow now lives on a chair below our ACL Festival poster, and the colors couldn't be a more perfect match...also fitting is the print looks like little mandolins :) :) :)