Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fall Giveaway...or, how to put a spin on car theft

so my car was stolen just over a week and a half ago. from in front of my house, from a neighborhood that for the past 2 years has always felt very quiet and safe. the good news is i did get the car back, in basically the same condition i left it...the inside was pretty trashed and a few items were taken but otherwise it's almost like it didn't happen (except for the $500 we had to pay to get it out of impound :( what a way to add insult to injury!) 
however, to celebrate the return of my wheels i am having a stashbuster giveaway here at alberta alberta! fabric, buttons, trim, and beads in fall colors - great for a fall quilt or adding to an existing project. 
if you'd like to enter the giveaway please send me an email at and use the subject line "fall giveaway". i will draw names on december 10th and announce winners that day. 
this holiday i am so grateful for so many things; my family, my friends, a good job, a car with some street cred, and the opportunity to have this blog :)


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Nicole said...

thanks for the giveaway!!