Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway is back!

If I could only watch one t.v. show, it would most definitely be 'Project Runway'. As soon as they started advertising for Season 5 I got a little flutter...and the wait was so worth it! Even though the judges complained about the lack of innovation from the majority of the contestants I thought the designs that came from all those disposable tablecloths were pretty amazing. How did Korto do that amazing pleating with her paper dress? And Daniel's plastic cup creation was so outside of anything I would have considered. Kelli was clearly the winner with her marbled 'fabric' vacuum cleaner bags, the studded belt-piece from thumbtacks, and that hook and eye closure from a freaking spiral notebook...
Check out the gallery from the show last night:
My favorites so far are Kenley, Emily, and that sassy Kelli - hope these gals can stay on top!
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